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Welcome to JHPPG

When creating a new account please send me a email and I'll set up your photo folder. This way we'll keep out bad spammers. I've seen too many accounts created without ever completing the registration. Thanks for supporting this site. Hope to make it better for all of us. If you think your folder was lost in the move please email and I'll add it back in from a site backup. Thanks

Dan Collier
1974 JH MK2 VIN: 14381




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Hi folks,

Just joined this forum, recently purchased a 74 JH that was built in 1993, it obviously will need some sorting out to bring it back to it's previos glory, I hope I'm up to the challenge.

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John Kimbrough Jensen-Healey Website

Here's John's original site now on

John Kimbrough Jensen-Healey Website

I look forward to converting John's work over to a more modern layout that works both on pc's and mobile devises. I'll be converting most objects using Word/Excel into PDF document so they will displayed on phones and tables. You'll still be able to add suggestions and graphic as you could on John's site.

Feel free to suggest a user friendly environment that will display his data better. Contact me anytime at

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John Kimbrough Google Website

Coming Soon New Home for John Kimbrough Jensen-Healey Website

I'm really happy to announce John has shared years of hard work to his website and will now have a permanent home here at Jensen Healey Preservation Photo Galley. I will be developing more interactive links to his manuals, diagraphs and catalogs.

Dollorto Installation
Maintenance Projects
Wiring Diagrams
Parts Catalogs
Helpful Photos

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New Jensen Healey Site Improved

Welcome to the new home of JHPPG. I started this site eleven years ago and it's grown pretty good over the years considering there are not that many Jensen Healey around anymore. The old site was attacked by more that 80,000 spam comments. This new site has better control. Everyone will have to register again. I'll help you find your folder and maintain your content. Your really going to like how you can grab as many pictures as you want from your folder and just drop them into JHPPG. Is does all the work for you. If you need help just email me at dkcollier@yahoo or Send me your suggestions. I really like to hear from you. Thank you, Dan.

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